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Avoid purchasing delays of apparatus and equipment and save precious time and money by eliminating the bid process. Ten-8 Fire Equipment can provide you with everything you need to know about accessing several different contracts available to government agencies.


NPPGov is a national cooperative procurement organization based in Seattle, WA, offering publicly solicited contracts to government entities nationwide. Our contracts are created through a public solicitation and award process by a Lead Public Agency. Membership is free and there are no minimum purchasing obligations. NPPGov provides live contract support five days a week with a team dedicated to assisting members through all stages of the procurement process. For more information on the program download the Overview document or FAQ document.

We can sell Pierce, Braun and all firefighting equipment under this contract. You can learn more by contacting your sales rep today and by visiting this link.


Contract No. FSA16-VEH12.0 from the Florida Fire Chief’s Association, Florida Sheriff’s Association, and Florida Association of Counties became effective April 1, 2016 and is valid until March 31, 2017. This annually bid contract includes all types of apparatus including: ambulances, aerials, platforms, rescues, tankers, wildland, commercial pumpers, and custom pumpers. You can get detailed information including pricing by visiting, www.flsherrifs.org or by contacting your sales rep today. You can download the bid award by clicking here.


St. Johns County, Florida solicited proposals from qualified firms to provide Fire Apparatus and Special Application Vehicles to St. Johns County Fire Rescue. Proposals provided a full line of apparatus such as Pumpers, Aerial Platforms, Aerial Ladders, Light, Medium & Heavy Rescues, Mini-Pumpers, Brush, Haz-Mat, and Incident Command equipment. Proposals included base vehicles and equipment. The committee scored and ranked the bidders based on the proposals submitted. Pierce Manufacturing/ Ten-8 Fire Equipment received the highest rank and was awarded the five (5) year contract on March 2, 2007. There is a provision for an additional five (5) year renewal. Click here to download the extension letter.You can learn more by contacting your sales rep today and by visiting this link.


Lake County, Florida Contract Number 17-0606L for Fire Equipment and Supplies is valid until June 30, 2018. The contract was awarded from Bid Number 17-0606. Click here to view the full contract.

Lake County, Florida Contract Number 17-0606L for Fire Apparatus is valid until October 31, 2017. Click here to view the full contract.