Osage Type I Ambulances

Osage Type I ambulances feature seamless body construction, and are built off the frame of light duty pickup trucks, such as the Ford F-450 and Dodge 4500. They’re a great option for anyone looking for standard emergency response ambulances. Available in both four and two-wheel drive, they also include a squad bench and pass through windows in between the cab and back compartment, as well as dual IV hangers and locking compartments for sharp objects and drugs.

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Osage Ambulances offers two models in a Type I ambulance configuration:


Warrior Type I Ambulance Model 

The Warrior ambulance is ideal for any department looking for an entry-level Type I and requiring a tighter turning radius. These ambulances are 148 inches long, 96 inches wide, and built on the chassis of a Ford F-450, or a Dodge Ram 4500. The Warrior has an enhanced electrical system, including a load manager and sequencer, and more storage space for EMS gear and other equipment.



Super Warrior Type I Ambulance Model 

The largest Type I ambulance from Osage is the Super Warrior. With a module body of 168 inches long and 96 inches wide, the Super Warrior is number one in durability and maximum work space. These ambulances have an EMT seat, CPR seat, and a squad bench, and the window between the cab and the patient compartment is a pass-through. Boasting a GVWR of 16,000 pounds or greater, the Super Warrior ambulance is available on the Ford F-450, Dodge Ram 4500, International Terrastar and DuraStar, and Freightliner chassis.

Looking for a Type I Ambulance? 

Type I ambulances are a great choice for standard emergency response vehicles. Osage builds their ambulances with great care to meet high quality expectations, and all of the Type I ambulances can be customized. If you’re looking for a top-quality, Type I ambulance, contact Ten-8 today. Our Osage sales team is dedicated to helping you design the Type I ambulance that meets your needs and fits your budget. We can also provide you standard drawing and feature sheets on each Type I model, as well as the basic specifications for the unit.