Osage Type II Ambulances

For thirty-five years, Osage has served the EMS industry by building outstanding Type II ambulances at a reasonable cost. Unlike a Type I ambulance that is dropped onto chassis, a Type II option uses the same frame as the vehicle, but features a raised roof. Smaller in weight than a Type I, these units get better fuel mileage and can be operated at a lower cost while still meeting all the necessary needs of a transport. Osage Ambulances produces one Type II ambulance—the Travois. This model is available on three different chassis types: the Ford Transit, the Mercedes Sprinter, and the Chevy G-3500.

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The Travois

The Travois Type II ambulance from has all of the necessary features of a top-quality medical transport vehicle. These include:

  • A full-length, seven-bar, “sled-style” roll cage
  • Rear-facing EVS high back attendant seat
  • Patient compartment sliding door walk-through
  • SSCOR suction unit
  • Curb side 6” impact protection beam
  • Bulkhead recessed for additional room in cab
  • Locking sharps container
  • Standard ALS shelving
  • Full length/full depth upper left wall cabinets and large overhead bulkhead cabinets

If affordability and fuel-efficiency are two of your goals, then Osage’s Type II ambulance is perfect for you.

Contact Ten-8 today. Our Osage sales team is dedicated to helping you design the Type II ambulance that meets your needs and fits your budget. We can also provide you standard drawing and feature sheets on the Travois Type II ambulance model, as well as the basic specifications for the unit.