Osage Type III Ambulances

There are many similarities between Osage’s Type III and Type I ambulances. Both offer two different models and are built seamlessly, lowered onto and attached to the chassis. What’s different is the type of chassis used—the Type III ambulances are mounted on the cut-a-way chassis of a van versus a truck.

Type III ambulances from Osage all offer an ALS compartment with in and out access, as well as patient compartments that have thermostatically controlled temperature management systems. Additionally, they feature locking containers and compartments for storage of drugs and sharp objects.

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Osage offers the following ambulance models in a Type III configuration:

Type III Warrior

Osage’s Warrior Type III ambulance comes in at 148 inches in length and is available in three chassis options—a Ford E-350, Chevrolet G-3500, or a Mercedes Sprinter 3500. With an enhanced electrical system and many exterior compartments, the Warrior Type III ambulance also has a thermostatically controlled heating and cooling system and return air filtration. Add in the locking containers for sharp objects and drugs, and the Warrior Type III is a good blend between size and cost-efficiency.


Type III Super Warrior

The Super Warrior Type III ambulance is the largest Type III ambulance available from Osage, and it is offered in two different chassis types—the Ford E-450 and the Chevrolet G-4500. Both chassis options are rated for more than 14,000 pounds in weight and boast an expansive 51 inch aisle space. At 168 inches in length, 87 inches in height and 96 inches in width, Osage’s Super Warrior Type III is their most popular emergency vehicle.

Looking for a Type III Ambulance?

All Type III ambulances from Osage are built to the high quality specifications of their customers. Contact Ten-8 today and let us help design for you the best ambulance for your fleet and your budget. We can also provide you standard drawing and feature sheets on each Type I model, as well as the basic specifications for the unit.