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Pierce Aerial Fire Trucks

Arrive On The Scene With Confidence

Every Pierce aerial fire truck is built to power through even the toughest hazards. Pierce understands that your job is hard enough; you need an aerial that will run safely, time after time, no matter the climate. Professional engineers put Pierce products through exhaustive tests, ensuring all parts exceed NFPA 1901 standards. Every aerial fire truck is also certified by UL third-party testing. Available in steel or aluminum construction, Pierce has an aerial to meet your application.

Aerial Ladders

Pierce aerial ladders are designed to perform under extreme conditions, from up to fifty mile-per-hour winds to a quarter of an inch ice build-up, as well as uneven terrain. Additionally, they can be equipped with red, green, blue, or white LED lighting for outstanding illumination. Each ladder is brilliantly designed by professional engineers and comes with a twenty-year warranty against structural failure.

Pierce aerial ladders are easy to use, with load-sensing pumps and a 12v emergency power unit that ensures thirty minutes of uninterrupted use. With aerial feathering controls, you can extend, raise, and rotate simultaneously, and they work apart from the engine RPM, so you can operate your aerial fire truck ladder at any speed.

Pierce aerial ladders are available in the following:

  • 107’ Ascendant®
  • 107′ Ascendant® Single Axle Ladder
  • 107′ Ascendant® Tandem Axle Ladder
  • 107′ Ascendant® Tiller
  • 100′ Ascendant® Heavy-Duty Aerial Tower
  • 110′ Ascendant® Single Axle Platform
  • 110′ Ascendant® Tandem Axle Platform 
  • 100’ Heavy Duty Ladder
  • 105’ Heavy-Duty Ladder
  • 100’ Mid-Mount Ladder
  • 100’ Aluminum Ladder
  • 100’ Medium-Duty Ladder
  • 75’ Heavy-Duty Ladder
  • 75’ Aluminum Ladder

Pierce Heavy-Duty ladders allow for 100 pounds of additional firefighting equipment at the ladder tip, and they can take distributed loads at any elevated angle. The only thing tougher than the heavy duty ladders is the Super Heavy Duty ladder, which allows for 150 pounds of additional equipment at the ladder tip without reducing the rated load capacity.

We will work with your organization and Pierce to make sure you have comprehensive training, so you can take advantage of all your aerial firetruck ladder’s capabilities. We are committed to helping you perform with excellence, so we strive to be there for you every step of the way. The Ten-8 sales team is ready and waiting to help design the Pierce aerial truck that fits best for your community.

Aerial Platforms

Pierce aerial fire truck platforms are stable, sturdy, smooth-operating, and maintain horizontal reach at all capacities, regardless of what degree of angle the platform operates within. Under Pierce’s 360° Protection From Every Angle™, their aerial platforms feature Command Zone™ electronics that deliver critical information in real time. This provides the operator the data to perform within the platform’s safety parameters. In addition, Pierce aerial platforms feature smooth, precise control through the full range of aerial operation. The result is an apparatus that features some of the finest engineering, in a world-class body built to last.

Whether you’re extended below grade or at maximum height, all Pierce aerial platforms excel in the toughest situations—people, water flow, wind, ice, and tip/equipment allowance. All perform at full capacity on slopes up to ten degrees, and you can lower the stabilizers a full eighteen inches to set up and operate on virtually any terrain, including a severe grade.

The platform trucks available from Pierce are:

  • 110′ Ascendant® Single Axle Platform
  • 110′ Ascendant® Tandem Axle Platform 
  • 100′ Ascendant® Heavy-Duty Aerial Tower
  • 100’ Aluminum Platform
  • 100’ Steel Platform
  • 95’ Mid-Mount Platform
  • 85’ Platform
  • Bronto Skylift Articulating Platforms

Whatever your needs, Ten-8 representatives will work with you and Pierce to select the right platform for your department. Contact Ten-8 today. Our knowledgeable Pierce sales representatives are waiting to speak with you!