Pierce Foam Systems for Firetrucks

Look to the fire suppression expert – Pierce

Pierce is the only company that designs and builds custom fire apparatus with its own foam systems. As the number one expert in fire suppression, you can be assured you’re buying the best performing foam systems on the planet. No company puts as much research, development, and high-level thinking into firetucks and foam systems as Pierce. Whether Class A or Class B fires, Pierce’s commitment to engineering and innovation delivers more than just a superior foam system. A Pierce foam system provides reliability, easy operation, and on-the-scene confidence that you won’t get anywhere else. Both municipal and industrial classes are backed by rigorous research and development, intense testing, and a support system that’s second to none.

Pierce offers five incredible foam systems for fire suppression:

  • Husky™ 3
  • Husky™ 12
  • Husky™ 30
  • Husky™ Industrial
  • Hercules™ CAFS

Husky™ Foam Systems – Exclusive To Pierce

Husky™ foam systems are hydraulically powered to reduce the load on the chassis and prevent overloading during tough fire calls. The Husky™ uses water from the vehicle’s water tank or a high-pressure hydrant, and the system is equipped with an auxiliary foam pick-up, which allows for continued foaming operation even when the tank is depleted. They’re designed with individual metering valves, allowing for simultaneous operation of water-only cooling lines and foam lines, plus each metering valve can be adjusted for 1, 3, or 6 percent foam. The Husky™ 12 is designed especially to handle structure fires, wildland fires, automobile fires, and small Class B fires.

The Husky™ 3 boasts many of the same features as the Husky™ 12, but the Husky™ 3 is the only entry-level foam system available with both Class A and Class B capabilities.

The Husky™ 30 handles 1% of 3,000 gpm water flows and 3% of 1,000 gpm water flows. It is usable with both Class A and Class B fires.

The Husky™ Industrial foam pump has capacities up to 300 gallons per minute and is capable of supporting a 5,000 gpm discharge rate while using a 6-percent foam concentrate.

The Pierce Hercules™ Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS) is your best choice for a quicker and safer knockdown, with less exposure to heat. With the Hercules™, compressed air is added to the foam to offer better control of the bubble structures. This allows firefighters to gain control of the flames faster, reduces water usage, and lightens handlines with better exposure protection. The compressor package is integrated into the pump house so maintenance and service are easy, and the Hercules™ CAFS is up to five times more effective for suppression than water alone.

Pierce builds the best performing, easiest-to-use foam systems in the industry. Contact Ten-8 today to be allied with our knowledgeable sales and support team, and let us help you find the foam system that meets your every need. We’re here for you 24/7/365.