Turnout Gear Made with the Highest Quality and Attention to Detail

Fire-Dex is a well-known name when it comes to fire turnout gear. Exceptionally made with only four to six weeks lead time, Fire-Dex Turnout Gear is a preferred choice in the fire industry. Available under three lines – FX-R, FX-A, and FX-M – all Fire-Dex structural turnout gear is NFPA 1971, 2013 Certified.

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FX-R Fire-Dex Structural Turnout Gear

FX-R’s Active Posture Design™ works with your SCBA to get you ready to fight fires faster and easier than traditional turnout gear. FXR gear utilitizes Active Posture Design™ – the only structural PPE in the industry to do so. Leveraging the expertise of the world’s best rock climbing and extreme sports clothing designers, APD is a collection of best design elements to minimize firefighter stress and fatigue. It focuses on comfort and mobility through design, instead of oversizing the garment. The result is less material and bulkiness, and a ready position that targets the center point of a typical firefighter’s full range of motion. In short, it’s designed to work with your body to more effectively gear up. Under the FXR line, Fire-Dex offers their FXR custom, FXR Express, and FXR Proximity lines.

FX-A Fire-Dex Structural Turnout Gear

This style of turnout gear has been protecting firefighters for years. Formerly known as Assault, the line offers classic style and dependability. Available with almost every option including Fire-Dex’s DexFlex™ mobility features, custom coat length, low or regular rise pants, it’s the manufacturer’s most versatile gear. If you have specific needs or budget requirements, FXA is a great option for your department.

FX-M Fire-Dex Structural Turnout Gear

FXM gear is known for amazing performance and modern style. A tapered hem coat that is longer in the back and shorter in the front gives maximum coverage where needed – but less where it isn’t. Furthermore, FXM incorporates the DexFlex™ knees and elbows. These are pre-bent to enhance flexibility and freedom of movement. FXM gear also features a seamless crotch gusset for less restriction and more durability. The following features also come standard on FXM turnout gear: Fire-Dex collar, regular rise traditional pant, and DexCuff™ reverse tapered cuffs.

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