TECGEN® PPE: The Innovative New Line of Personal Protection Equipment from Fire-Dex

A Fire-Dex brand, TECGEN® PPE is an innovative alternative to traditional structural turnouts. TECGEN® PPE is cool, lightweight, and dual certified to 1951 (Technical Rescue) and 1977 (Wildland). The breathable 1-layer TECGEN® fabric allows body heat to escape, while the patented TECGEN® fiber provides advanced flame resistance and radiant heat protection (RPP). This advanced line of personal protection equipment is all you’ll need for 90% of your calls.

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In 2009, the first TECGEN® fire services products were designed for sale and UL certified to exceed NFPA 1951 (Technical Rescue) and NFPA 1977 (Wildland Firefighting). Originally developed to address the risks of heat stress in warm climates such as Florida and Georgia, TECGEN® PPE products quickly became a top choice of first responders around the country. In 2015, TECGEN® PPE became a Fire-Dex brand. The company is a leading manufacturer of personal protection equipment for firefighting. Learn more about Fire-Dex here.

TECGEN-Technology-Ten-8-Fire-EquipmentThe Benefits of TECGEN® PPE

The unique technology utilized in TECGEN® products create comfortable turnout gear with enhanced mobility. Engineered to protect you without weighing you down, the single layer, lightweight gear also provides increased durability over typical carbon-based fibers. The breathable material helps manage heat more effectively, allowing body heat to escape. With high levels of Thermal Protection (15.6 TPP) and Radiant Heat Protection (15+ RPP), as well as dual certification for NFPA 1951 and NFPA 1977, you’re assured exceptional protection and performance. Learn more about why fire chiefs around the country are pushing for this to be a staple gear requirement in this Fire Apparatus Magazine article.

Types of TECGEN® PPE


TECGEN® PPE coveralls are available with a wide variety of option. From radio, patch, and cargo pockets for equipment storage to 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material and a collar that can be raised and closed for additional protection, these coveralls are worth looking into!

Jackets & Pants

TECGEN® PPE jackets and pants are available in tan and black. Level 3 garments are also available in navy. A variety of options and accessories are available for maximum function and ease of movement, including pockets and reinforced cuffs.

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