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When you enter an emergency situation with a risk of exposure to high heats and debris, having the right firefighter hoods for the job makes a huge difference. From durability to protection, firefighter hoods have to be constructed for the daily exposures every firefighter faces. Ten-8 Fire Equipment prides itself on partnering with Fire-Dex on some of the best firefighter hoods in the industry. Learn more about our featured firefighter hoods below.

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firedex-logoFire-Dex Hoods

Founded in 1983, Fire-Dex has grown into a premier protective gear company through their impeccable customer care and quality products.

H61-firedex-firefighter-hoodsH61 Fire Hoods (Always in Stock!)

Made right here in the United States, the Fire-Dex H61 Fire Hood is a NFPA-1971 compliant 2-layer tube hood with shoulder notch and bound notch bottom. Ten-8 Fire Equipment continually stocks the XL model in both black carbon and white Nomex® for our customers’ convenience, which adds an additional 2” of length and 2” of width. Other features include a flatlock seam construction, Nomex® thread, and a fully hemmed face opening and bottom so there are no raw edges. Available in multiple NFPA 1971-compliant knit materials, the Fire-Dex H61 Fire Hood is a solid choice for protecting yourself on the job.









H41 Interceptor Fire Hood

Designed specifically to block potentially carcinogenic particles and other harmful contaminants, the Fire-Dex H41 Interceptor is a revolutionary product for firefighter safety and protection. Made with a layer of DuPont™ Nomex® Nano Flex, it filters and reduces persistent fireground carcinogens and other contaminants for the wearer while on the job. This groundbreaking material provides maximum performance for particle barrier filtration, comfort, and thermal & flashover protection. However, even with all the protection for keeping the bad stuff out, the material has a high air permeability, making it very easy to breathe while wearing it.

Research Shows Further Protection is Needed

In a recent Firefighter Cancer Support Network Report, evidence was shown that soot and smoke particles readily absorb and hold liquid and gaseous chemicals (such as the carcinogens and toxins shown to be released in modern house fires), and that these ultrafine particles are absorbed through the skin, traveling to most organs, including the brain. Knowing this, firefighters have a significantly increased risk for a number of cancers. The H41 Interceptor takes this new research into account to help also protect first responders’ skin from soot and smoke, just as much as their lungs.

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BEFORE (Pre-Test Blacklight Photos)


AFTER (Post-Aerosol Particulate Exposure)

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