Globe by MSA: Because You’re an Athlete


Firefighters are athletes who perform in the most extreme conditions, so why not wear athletic PPE for gear?

Globe by MSA is MSA’s newest acquisition and we are excited to offer Globe turnout gear and boots to firefighters in Florida and Southern Georgia. With over 130 years of experience creating turnout gear, Globe knows the mechanics of how gear performs for firefighters. The innovative designs keep firefighters cooler and help reduce fatigue while fitting comfortably.


Premium PPE with a Unique Design

How does Globe shatter the mold for turnout gear and boots? Through collaboration with Reebok, a world-class designer, and endless research. PPE is designed to move with the firefighter while keeping him or her cool, reducing fatigue. Most importantly, the gear is designed to promote the safety and health of the firefighter given the risks of the job.


Consider upgrading to Globe turnout gear and boots for your next PPE purchase to perform like an athlete and combat exhaustion while on any scene.