Such a Time as This

B. Keith Chapman, President & CEO


Unprecedented times can cause confusion and fear. People start to question their plans and purpose, while leaders attempt to lead in a time of uncertainty. During times like this, it is natural for us to focus on self-preservation. However, it is possible to focus so much on self-preservation that we lose sight of our main purpose and mission. We all exist for a reason, and that reason does not go away because of the circumstances around us. Keeping a healthy perspective during times of uncertainty can be an encouragement to us as individuals and those around us.


I was recently reminded of the story of Esther, and her boldness as she stood before the King despite the risk of potentially losing her own life. The story of Esther is filled with leadership truths as she ultimately made the decision to save her people (the Jews) despite the potential impact to her personally. Esther struggled in the moment, but benefited greatly by the words of her cousin, Mordecai. Mordecai said in Esther 4:14, “… Who knows if perhaps you were made queen for just such a time as this?” This was a quick but sharp reminder that her position and purpose carried a responsibility far greater than herself. When the stressors of life are low, we are more inclined to think about others. However, when life throws a curve ball and messes up our plans, it is easy for us to lose sight of everything other than ourselves. The wise, but sometimes difficult to hear, council of others can often refocus our efforts and keep us on track.


Wayne Watson once said, “For such a time as this I was placed upon the earth. To hear the voice of God and do His will, whatever it is.” I would add to Mr. Watson’s quote by saying that we were not only placed on the earth, but we currently remain here for a purpose. Our purpose does not retire and it certainly does not get put on hold for the challenges that life throws at us. EVERYONE has a purpose, and that purpose is significant to God’s plan. We should all maintain a “whatever it is” and “whatever it takes” philosophy.


I have always had a deep respect for those who serve or have served in our military. I am drawn to the tradition, duty, and honor of their service. The U.S. Marines have a motto that applies to the concept of sticking to your mission. Marines are trained from the beginning of their career to improvise, adapt and overcome. The option of deviating from the mission when challenges arise is not even a consideration for a Marine. This is a great example that we can apply daily. So, as we figure out how to navigate these crazy times and we adapt our normal processes, let’s not lose sight of our original mission and purpose. Stay the course my friends!



Challenge: Remember that EVERYONE has a purpose and that purpose does not change even when we encounter challenges. Stay the course as you improvise, adapt, and overcome.  


Published: April 1, 2020

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