Making Cost Effective Decisions with SCBAs

With an increasing focus on cost-effective department spending, fire departments have been evaluating cost and product lifetime to select the most fiscally-responsible equipment for their departments.

St. Lucie County Selects Cost-Effective SCBA

St. Lucie County Fire District was tasked with selecting a cost-effective, safe, and efficient SCBA for its department. At the time, the department was not using MSA SCBAs; however, after careful evaluation, the department elected to convert to MSA G1 SCBAs.


Decision Factors

Lieutenant Whitaker, SCBA evaluation project lead, kindly shared the factors he and his team considered when selecting MSA’s G1 SCBA.
  • Long-Term Cost Mitigation

    MSA’s G1 SCBA and its accessories come with an unparalleled 15-year warranty


  • Risk Mitigation 

    The voice amplification device on the G1 SCBA dramatically increases the clarity and volume of communications between fire personnel on fire grounds, reducing the risk of incidents.


  • Reduced Cost-of-Ownership

    The G1 SCBA employs a single source of power for the entire SCBA. This means that instead of changing out multiple batteries, which racks up the expenses, the SCBA uses a rechargable lithium-ion battery pack. The rechargeable pack not only means it can be reused (also reducing costs), but it also eliminates the risk of batteries corroding and damaging the SCBA.


  • Potential for Injury Reduction

    The department elected to invest in the G1’s adjustable and swiveling lumbar back option to help improve the ergonomics of its firefighters with the long-term goal of reducing firefighter fatigue and injuries.

  • Cost Reduction 

    The G1 facepiece is unique because it does not contain any electronics, allowing for replacement at a lower cost. Equally as important, the facepiece can be fully submersed in water for decontamination, reducing firefighters’ risk of being exposed to harmful carcinogens while keeping the mask clean so it lasts.


  • Greater Versatility 

    MSA’s G1 SCBA comes with the option of an integrated thermal imaging camera (ITIC). If a deparment does not have the funds to invest in a TIC up front, the SCBA at least provides them with the option of equipping the SCBA with an ITIC later.


  • Improved Comfort

    The G1 facepiece is extremely comfortable with its fit and reduced weight from not having electronics on it. 

Thank you to Lieutenant Whitaker for sharing his and his team’s insights for selecting what they felt was the most cost-effective and beneficial SCBA for the St. Lucie County Fire District.

“The MSA G1 is dependable, engineered correctly for increased comfort with less fatigue and provides the firefighters with the necessary information to make their jobs safer.” – Lt. Whitaker, St. Lucie Fire District