MSA SCBA Cleaning 


Keeping an MSA SCBA clean not only reduces your exposure to harmful carcinogens, but it can also keep the SCBA in good operating condition. 


As a best practice, the SCBA should be cleaned after each use following MSA’s procedure below. To download the procedure click here.



How to Clean an MSA SCBA

1. Clean Before You Leave the Scene

Remain on air (if possible) during on-scene cleaning. Gently brush or lightly sponge off SCBA with mild soap/water solution to remove the large, gross contaminants following overhaul and rinse with a low pressure hose. This on-scene cleaning greatly reduces the amount of particles you take into the rig and the firehouse bay. If an on-scene cleaning doesn’t do the job, the SCBA requires an advanced cleaning.

NOTE: Step 1 constitutes an on-scene cleaning that should be done at the scene. Steps 2 through 7 constitute an advanced cleaning, done at least once a year or when on-scene cleaning is not sufficient.

2. Inspect

Wear exam gloves and eye protection during this process. Note any physical damage that will need to be addressed before the SCBA is returned to service.

3. Wash

For normal cleaning, use a soft sponge or bristle brush with warm water to remove surface dirt on the exterior of the SCBA, and then rinse
thoroughly. Be sure to clean the following components of the SCBA,
1. Harness, including straps and buckles, 2. Carrier, including band and latch assembly, 3. Cylinder, including handwheel and gauge, 4. Pressure reducer, including bell and coupling connection, and 5. Control, Power, Battery, and Speaker Modules.

4. Re-Inspect

Once the SCBA has been through the cleaning process, inspect again and if not clean, repeat Step 3.

5. Dry

Dry the SCBA in an area with good ventilation; never dry in direct sunlight. SCBA should never be machine dried using equipment that produces mechanical action by tumbling or agitation. It is imperative that the SCBA be allowed to thoroughly dry before returning to service.

6. Store

Store clean SCBA in a dry, well-ventilated area out of direct sunlight and away from indoor light sources, which can also produce harmful UV rays.
Do not store in extreme hot or cold temperatures.


7. Inspect and Test

Remember to perform all inspection and functional testing of the SCBA before returning the unit to service.