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Solo Rescue® Decon Washer

Solo Rescue® heavy-duty washing machine cleans gloves, boots, helmets, breathing apparatus (mask and cylinders) in a few minutes. The washing is a self-contained process, which minimizes contact time and health risks for the user.


Developed by RESCUE Intellitech, a Swedish company, the Solo Rescue® meets the Swedish Rescue Service’s guidelines for handling contaminated equipment standards.


  • Reduces health risks
    Using the machine to decon equipment, firefighters’ contact with hazardous substances and particles is minimized.
  • Saves time
    Quickly decontaminate equipment in eight minutes versus hand cleaning equipment which can take up to a half-an-hour.
  • Easy to use
    Simply load the contaminated equipment into the basket and select from two wash programs.
  • Cleans equipment thoroughly
    Water jets can help clean equipment in areas that are difficult to clean by hand such as between the back plate and the cylinders.


  • SCBAs
    • Up to 14 breathing apparatus per hour (1 insert max)
    • Up to 2 breathing apparatus per cycle
  • Helmets
    • Up to 30 helmets per hour (1 insert)
    • Up to 60 helmets per hour (2 inserts)
  • Gloves
    • Up to 60 pairs of gloves per hour (1 insert)
    • Up to 120 pairs of gloves per hour (2 inserts)
  • Boots
    • Up to 20 pairs of boots (1 insert)
    • Up to 40 pairs of boots (2 inserts)

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Standard Basket + Single/Double Cylinder Holder

This accessory comes with the machine (standard accessory). Use the basket is the base for all washing. Place makes in the center loop. The holder for single and double cylinders.

Holder for Jumbo Cylinders

The standard holder (single & double cylinders) is replaced by the holder for jumbo cylinders. Capacity to wash 2 cylinders at a time.

Holder for Gloves, Helmets, and Boots

Clean gloves, boots, and helmets using this insert. Up to two inserts can be used in the basket to maximize decon capacity.