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Crestline Ambulances

Crestline Coach Ltd. is a global leader in ambulance and specialty vehicle manufacturing. With 40+ years of ambulance manufacturing experience, Crestline produces the entire unit at its state of the art manufacturing facility.

Ten-8 Fire and Safety partners with Crestline as its Florida and Georgia dealer. With seven service centers spanning two states, Ten-8 will provide support from sales to service throughout the life of the ambulance.


The CCL 150

The CCL 150 is the flagship product for Crestline Ambulances in the US. Offered in a Type I or Type III configuration, it offers safety, durability, and value. We encourage you to learn more about both types below.

CCL 150 – Type I

CCL 150 – Type III

Key Features of Crestline Ambulances

Lifetime Paint Warranty

Crestline ambulances features their unique CrestCoat Powder Coating Technology. The durable powder coating finish stands up over the life of ambulance, allowing them to offer a lifetime warranty. This contributes to lower cost of ownership and increases the module life for remounting. The environmentally friendly application is offered in both white and red finishes for the CCL 150 – the premier ambulance model offered by Crestline.

CrestClean Antimicrobial Coating

This interior surface treatment is exclusive to Crestline ambulances. It is an antimicrobial coating that prevents and protects interior surfaces from growth of bacteria and destructive microorganisms. It enhances safety in the module for patients and EMS professionals, and has become a desirable feature during the coronvarius/COVID-19 pandemic as more departments consider how to handle infectious disease control in their emergency vehicles.