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Firefighter Hoods Featured by Ten-8 Fire and Safety

Ten-8 Fire and Safety prides itself on partnering with PGI on providing the best firefighting hoods with regard to durability, design, and performance.

Over forty years ago, PGI pioneered the first firefighting hoods. Back then only a few fire departments used hoods as part of their protective ensemble. Today firefighting hoods are an important part of the PPE ensemble. PGI’s Cobra Firefighting Hoods continue to be the industry leader bringing more protective and comfortable designs and fabrics to the market. UL Classified to meet or exceed the design and performance requirements of NFPA 1971 Standard on Protective Ensembles for Structural Fire Fighting and Proximity Fire Fighting.

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BarriAire™ Gold Hoods utilize a proprietary blend of Meta-Aramid and Para-Aramid Fibers for excellent heat, flame, and thermal resistance with superior tensile and tear strength for a longer wear life. These hoods are lightweight with exceptional breathability – weight is similar to hoods without a particulate barrier. Unlike laminated PTFE barrier hoods, BarriAire™ Gold Hoods are quiet and allow for excellent hearing – laminated PTFE hoods are annoyingly loud making a crackling noise with virtually every movement, adversely affecting communication and situational awareness. BarriAire™ Gold Hoods are uniquely quilted to stabilize and enhance the Nomex ® Nano Flex particulate barrier’s durability and the hoods exceed industry & NFPA standards by blocking more than 95 percent of particles between 0.1 and 1.0 microns in size. Inner fabric is engineered to wick moisture from skin, through fabric, to outer shell where it can evaporate for a drier more comfortable experience. Outer fabric features a proprietary DWR finish which allows hood to dry two to three times faster than non-treated fabrics, and it reduces the build-up of toxic residue that is easily absorbed by non-treated fabrics while also enhancing the release of contaminates during washing. The fabric is inherently static resistant, has built-in stretch and recovery to better conform to the head and neck for true one size fits all sizing, and an attractive gold color which allows you to detect when the hood is soiled and needs cleaning.

Your Fire Hood is an Investment in Your Health and Safety

As of 2017, more firefighters have been diagnosed with cancer in the last two years than in the previous ten years combined. In fact, research shows that one in three firefighters will die of cancer. In all fire smoke, there are at least nine Group 1 carcinogens, all of which can enter the body through skin absorption. Three out of four of the highest absorption areas in the body involve the neck and head area. Cobra™ BarriAire Gold Hoods™ were developed by PGI in an effort to reduce firefighter exposure to potentially dangerous and toxic particles routinely encountered while on a working call.

Learn more about the cancer epidemic in the fire service here.

Style 3979471: Complete Coverage

Particulate coverage includes entire head and throughout bib except for Sure‑Fit™ panel at crown where the helmet protects the firefighter from particulate and also allows for better venting of heat through the top of the head. Front and back bib extends particulate barrier coverage beyond critical areas as identified by NFPA – Maximum Protection. UL Classified to NFPA 1971 – Current Edition.
View product specifications on the Complete Coverage hood here.

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Style 3979471-1: Critical Coverage

Particulate coverage from base of the neck and around entire head except for Sure‑Fit™ panel at crown where the helmet protects the firefighter from particulate and also allows for better venting of heat through the top of the head. All critical as identified by NFPA have particulate barrier. UL Classified to NFPA 1971 Standard on Protective Ensembles for Structural Fire Fighting and Proximity Fire Fighting – Current Edition.

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Cobra™ Ultimate™ Style Hoods (Always in Stock!)

  • Classified protection (UL Classified to meet or exceed NFPA 1971) Current Edition
  • Longer design. Provides double layer coverage of neck, upper chest shoulders and shoulder blades. (Length of hood at back is about 19½”; 20” at front.)
  • Gusset at side seams gives hood breadth and smoother drape.
  • Bib length from below face opening is 12¼”
  • ½” wide elastic face opening stretches to full 16” for snug fit around SCBA mask
  • Flat-stitched seams don’t dig into skin and eliminate bunching


Style 3049298 – CARBON SHIELD™

Carbon Shield™ is a flame resistant fabric breakthrough based on carbon fiber technology – considered the ultimate high-tech fabric for thermal protection and comfort. During the torch test, after about 5 seconds, traditional FR fabrics combust, severely shrinking and charring. Carbon Shield™ remains dimensionally stable even after 90 seconds, giving you the extra time you need to get out safely. Fabric has an excellent moisture regain (approx. 8%) and wicks moisture away from the skin to the outer shell, enabling it to evaporate at a rapid rate.  The aspect of wicking moisture off the body not only offers a more comfortable garment but also improves protection.

View product specifications for Cobra Ultimate Carbon Shield here.





Style 3038185 – Comfort Plus™ (Nomex/Lenzing FR)

Comfort Plus™ was developed in the early 1980’s by PGI to offer a more comfortable and affordable option to 100% Nomex hoods. Due to its price and exceptional comfort it became an instant success easily becoming the most demanded hood blend on the market. Comfort Plus™ is made of two proven flame resistant fiber work horses- Nomex® and Lenzing FR™. Together they create an exceptionally durable and comfortable flame resistant fabric that wicks moisture away from the skin more effectively than other flame resistant fabrics. The end result is an FR hood that feels cooler in hot environments and warmer in cold environments.  In addition to improved comfort, Comfort Plus™ hoods offer 18% better thermal resistance than their 100% Nomex counter- part with a TPP of 33.6 vs. 28.5 for 100% Nomex after five washings.

View product specifications for Cobra Ultimate Comfort Plus (Nomex/Lenzing FR) here.