Ten8 Fire

Safer Strap™

Work safer with the Safer Strap™. Traditional leather and nylon material can be difficult to decontaminate effectively. Many times, harmful carcinogens can still linger in soft and absorbent goods.

In contrast, the Safer Strap™ is both waterproof and cleanable. The strap is designed by firefighters, for firefighters with decontamination mind.

  • Easy to decontaminate
  • A quick return to service
  • Highly visible with 3M® High Vis Reflective option
  • Durable construction to withstand extreme elements
  • Extended life compared to traditional straps


Available Products

Ten-8 distributes all Safer Strap™ products to include radio straps, radio holsters, and belts. A portion of each sale will benefit the Florida Firefighters Safety and Health Collaborative.


Safer Radio Straps

  • LMR High Reflective Series
  • Matte Black Strap – LM Blackout Series, 1.25 Width
  • LM Blackout South Metro Wide Series 1.5 Width
  • LM South Metro Wide Series 1.5 Width
  • Classic Strap – LM Classic Series 1.25 Width


Bio Bucket Radio Holsters

  • S1 Universal Radio Holster
  • Moto Ex Radio Holster
  • Harris Series Radio Holster
  • Harris XG-75Pe Series Radio Holster



  • Station Wear Dress Bio Belt Black 1 1/4 Width
  • Tactical Bio Belt Black 1 1/2 Width
  • Station Wear Dress Bio Belt Reflective 1 1/4 Width


For more information contact your Ten-8 sales representative or visit the Safer Straps website.