Ten8 Fire

C-23/24 Fire & Emergency Command Center

If you’re looking for a mobile command unit that does it all, the C-23/24 Fire & Emergency unit is right for you. Featuring an interior height of 72”, this 188hp 2.7L Turbo diesel engine is designed to comfortably sustain a 2-5 person mobile command center that can tackle most local emergencies or special events in a community. Powered with a 8KW Onan Generator, this vehicle features ample rack space and energy sources for customized communications equipment. Although we feature the Fire & Emergency unit type here, this vehicle also is used for Defense and Law Enforcement setups as well.

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C-25 Mobile Command Center

Offered on a F-550 or F-650 chassis, the C-25 Mobile Command unit is designed to be a small platform vehicle that packs a big punch. Even as a smaller unit, it still features Frontline’s custom aluminum modular body that is engineered to outlast the life of the chassis. Choose between a 2×4 or 4×4 drive train and rack-ready features, including workstations, equipment racks, optional galley, and ample storage. Although we feature the Command Center unit type here, this vehicle also is used for Defense, Law Enforcement, Specialty, and Rescue setups.

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C-33 SWAT Command Center


Placed on a Ford F-750 chassis, the C-33 SWAT Command Center was designed by Frontline working shoulder to shoulder with SWAT/Special Response Teams. This is a dual purpose vehicle, which delivers tactical equipment to the scene and also provides a mobile command platform for response team planning and communications. Featuring a slide-out daybox for explosives and charges, heavy duty custom aluminum adjustable shelves, and a 10kw generator, this vehicle is prepped so your team can do their jobs effectively and efficiently. Add in the four workstations with radio consoles, wireless router with printer, and rooftop ladder storage, and it’s clear that Frontline has done their homework in terms of supplying a vehicle ready for duty on a SWAT team. Dozens of standard options as well as custom options are available, including upsizing or downsizing the body size.

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C-35 Command Center

The C-35 Command Center was made ideally for long-term deployment projects or for organizations with a very large staff. A notable option is the expanding slide out section to replicate EOC operations, with plenty of other desirable add-ons, including lavatory, galley, and cab walk through. This model is ideal for long-term deployments or larger organizations. Although we feature the Command unit type here, this vehicle is also used for Defense and Law Enforcement setups.

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C-40 Fire & Emergency Command Center

As Frontline’s most popular command unit, the C-40 Fire & Emergency Command Center can be outfitted with any variety of vehicle options and communications equipment. The C-40X-3 features up to three optional slide out sections in the conference area and in the forward operations area, allowing for maximum space and comfort. Other notable add-ons include electric awning, mast/camera system, surveillance cameras, emergency lighting package, exterior LCD monitor and custom graphics. Although we feature the Fire & Emergency unit type here, this vehicle is also used for Command, Defense, and Lawn Enforcement setups.

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