Ten8 Fire

The most versatile firefighting tool

For every fire, the best outcome is increased firefighter safety and reduced property damage. As today’s fires become more challenging, the F-500 Multi-Purpose Encapsulator Agent has the engineered advantage of high-performance, three-dimensional firefighting capabilities. 100% biodegradable, F-500 has the ability to absorb 6-10 times more heat than plain water without the creation of super-heated steam. F-500 is not a foam, it forms “chemical cocoons” that encapsulates fuels, rendering them flammable and non-ignitable. Additionally, it interrupts the free radical chain reaction of the fire tetrahedron. The result? A drastic reduction in toxins, greater visibility, and reduced smoke and soot.

Reach out to Ten-8 to get a demo of this amazing firefighting tool

We are able to have a representative of Hazard Control Technologies to demonstrate the versatility of the F-500 Encapsulating Agent.


  • Class A: Effective on All Class A Ordinary Combustibles
  • Class B: Effective on All Class B Polar and Non-Polar Solvents
  • Class K or Class F
  • Class D: Effective on All Class D Metal Fires
  • Lithium-ion Batteries


  • cULus: Classified Wetting Agent
    • For use on Class A and Class B Fires
  • MPA Dresden: Liquid Fire Extinguishing Concentrate
    • Class A and Class B Fuels
  • FM Global
  • RINA
  • National Fire Protection Association Member

More video proof of the power of the F-500 multi-purpose encapsulator agent!