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Pierce Pumpers

Quality You Can Count On

When it comes to purchasing a pumper fire truck from Pierce, quality is second to none. Pierce Pumpers are engineered to perform. All bodies are welded in-house with a highly skilled workforce, and no detail – big or small – is overlooked. If it can make your rig perform better, Pierce has it addressed. They are focused on design, materials, and manufacturing for superior quality, fit, and finish. All Pierce Pumper designs have been through grueling test processes that include strain gauges, modal analysis, brittle-lacquer, on-and-off road testing, and tilt table. If you are looking for a pumper that performs like no other, consider a Pierce.

  • Pumpers – Everything on a Pierce Pumper is engineered to your exact specifications. Expect user-friendly pump panels and superior performance of every component that directs and delivers water or foam.
  • Rescue Pumpers – A 3-point isolated mount system reduces torsional stress and road shock to deliver a durable fire apparatus.
  • PUC Pumper – Get a pumper built around your needs, not a bulky pumphouse.

Pumper Specifications

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PumperRescue PumperHeavy-Duty Rescue Pumper
Chassis ChoicesAll Pierce custom - most commercialAll Pierce custom - most commercialAll Pierce custom
Pump RangeWaterous, Hale or Darley Midship (500 - 2,000 gpm) PTO (250 - 1,000 gpm)Waterous, Hale or Darley Midship (500 - 2,000 gpm) PTO (250 - 1,000 gpm)Waterous, Hale or Darley Midship (500 - 2,000 gpm) PTO (250 - 1,000 gpm)
Upper Comp. Depth "Full Useable Depth" 12"-14"26"26"
Lower Comp. Depth26"26"26"
Body Width96"96"101"
Tank Capacity500 - 1,500 gal.500 - 1,000 gal.500 - 1,000 gal.
Storage Capacity Up to 192 cubic ft.Up to 280 cubic ft.Up to 435 cubic ft. (with hatch compartments)
Compartment Weight Ratings500 lbs.800 lbs.800 lbs. (depending on product configuration)
Body Warranty*10 years10 years10 years
Paint Warranty* Up to 12 years Up to 12 years Up to 12 years

*Talk to our Pierce fire truck sales representatives for additional warranty details.

Thousands of Options, One Perfect Pumper

When it comes to designing a pumper, no one offers more designs and flexibility than Pierce. Pierce pumper bodies are available in aluminum, stainless, or galvaneal. They come in six lengths and 300 different body configurations to meet your exact specifications. If there isn’t something to fit your needs out-of-the-box, customization is also available to ensure the high side, broom, and low side compartments are laid out just right. Available on most commercial chassis and all Pierce custom chassis, there are literally thousands of options to help you design and build the perfect pumper for your department.

Quality You Can Count On

Every unit is engineered with the Pierce quality that has become well-known in the industry. This includes a 10-year structural warranty. Each Pierce pumper body is formed and welded; this increases the life of the apparatus and improves usable space. For additional support, lateral frame extrusions are built off of the strongest part of the fire truck – the chassis frame rails. This means you can carry more equipment and rest easy that the doors won’t sag overtime. A high-strength pumphouse frame inhibits valve controls from binding, maintains perfect alignment on the controls, and prevents sagging. Helping to extend the life of your rig and the equipment, longer rubber isolators provide an even more stable body to absorb shock and vibration. Furthermore, Pierce pumpers include a 10-ton rated tow bar at the back of the tailboard.

Smart, Simple Controls

One big benefit of purchasing a pumper from Pierce is their exclusive Control Zone™ pump panel. It is a user-friendly layout that uses stainless steel piping and ergonomic controls. Controls are grouped by function and color-coded for an organized arrangement that is easy to work with. This is an important feature to consider when time is critical on-scene. You can find what you’re looking for… fast.

Pierce Pumpers to the Rescue

If it’s a Rescue Pumper you’re looking for, Pierce can deliver there too. They understand that a thoughtful design can mean the difference in being able to carry that one additional piece of rescue equipment, or not. When you’re responding to critical rescue situations, it’s imperative you have everything you need and then some. Full-depth compartments over the entire height of the compartment are a start. In addition, each storage compartment is rated to carry up to 800 pounds of equipment. This translates to ample storage space and peace of mind, knowing you’ll have everything you need to properly respond to a rescue situation.

If you are interested in learning more about Pierce Pumpers, or you’re ready to talk about your specifications, contact us today.