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Pierce Rescue Apparatus

Respond with Confidence

Pierce is your best choice for a new rescue apparatus. Each unit is produced with attention to detail and the finest materials, chosen to add value to the vehicle and enhance its functionality. A Fire Industry leader in custom chassis, Pierce also has a variety of chassis options built to perform. After the sale, you can rely on a 1-year bumper-to-bumper warranty, and a 15-year body warranty. Combined with exceptional service from our 5 locations and Pierce’s factory service department, you can trust your Pierce Rescue will serve you for many years to come.

Personnel, Equipment, or Both?

Walk-In Rescue Apparatus – A walk-in rescue vehicle is suited for departments that require space for the equipment storage, as well as their personnel. The body interior can be customized for personnel transport, rehab, or incident command operations by selecting from a variety of body and compartment sizes to meet your exact specifications.

Non-Walk-In Rescue Apparatus – Never leave a tool behind with a heavy-duty rescue from Pierce. These units are designed for maximum, customized equipment storage. Available in aluminum or stainless steel, the lower body section offers additional storage space, and so does the roof which can accommodate storage boxes for unique and less commonly used items. Available on the 22’ Non-Walk-In-Rescue, you can also get Pierce’s exclusive PUC design to add in a pump and keep all the storage space you need.

Combination Rescue Apparatus – Get the best of both worlds with a Pierce Combination Heavy-Duty Rescue. The walk-in area can be laid out for personnel transport, rehab, or mobile command operations while non-walk in area focuses on superior equipment storage.

Pierce Rescue Vehicles Are Best Suited For…

First Response – These are small equipment carriers ideal for the initial response and management of rescue incidents. They can also serve as your main response unit.

Urban Search and Rescue – These trucks are specially designed for mitigating natural and man-made disasters by carrying a wide range of tools and equipment needed for rescue and recovery.

HazMat Response – The bodies on these units are configured to store specialized equipment such as suits, decontamination items, and over-pack drums. Oftentimes they include a command center within the cab or body as well.

Air and Light Support – These rescue vehicles feature enhanced breathing air systems and lighting support.

Bomb Response – These apparatus deal with scene control and explosives collection, as well as contain highly specialized equipment to manage the threat of explosives.

Heavy-Duty Rescue – These are mobile equipment storage centers, designed to carry any and all types of emergency rescue tools. They can be configured any way you’d like, including non-walk-in, walk-in, or as a combination rescue unit. See above for more information.

Incident Command – Designed to help you manage, organize, and monitor incidents for long periods of time, these command centers are ideal for police, fire departments, and government agencies. Pierce Command Rescues are designed with flat floors to provide an efficient space for communications operators. Slide-out rooms can be added for more usable working space, and conference room and galley areas are custom-designed to suit your operational needs.

Tactical Response – Made to operate in a support-related capacity, these units may provide fire-ground support, rescue-related support, and/or other specialized support depending on your department’s needs.

Enjoy the Value of an ENCORE®

Utilizing modular body sections during construction, the Pierce ENCORE® Rescue delivers the dependability and technology that Pierce is known for, at a price you can afford. With 32 body configurations to choose from, you will get a rescue vehicle that handles your equipment in the most efficient way possible. 122 different body selections add up to a huge array of options and possibilities from material type, to body length, to compartment depth, to command or crew modules. Leverage Pierce’s ENCORE® model to create the rescue vehicle you and your community need, while meeting the budget set forth.

With so many configurations and applications to consider, contact Ten-8 Fire and Safety today to get expert advice from our Pierce Fire Apparatus sales representatives. We will walk you through the process of designing and building the perfect rescue vehicle to suit your needs.