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MSA G1 Facepiece Cleaning 


Keeping the MSA G1 facepiece clean not only reduces your exposure to harmful carcinogens, but it can also keep the facepiece in good operating condition. What is unique about the MSA G1 facepiece is that it does not contain electronics which allows it to be fully submerged for effective cleaning.


As a best practice, the G1 facepiece should be cleaned after each use following MSA’s procedure below. To download the procedure click here or watch the procedure here.



How to Clean the MSA G1 Facepiece

1: Fill Sink

Fill sink with water and MSA Confidence® Plus Germicidal Cleaner. Do not use cleaning products containing hydrocarbons or solvents.

2: Submerge Facepiece

Submerge the facepiece for a minimum of 30 seconds and make sure the cleaning solution enters all areas of the mask.

3: Scrub Facepiece

Scrub the facepiece inside and out with a soft, non-abrasive sponge or soft brush to make sure all contamination has been removed.

4: Rinse Facepiece

Rinse the facepiece inside and out with clean, warm 110° F water preferably running and draining.

5: Flush Exhalation Valve

Flush and manually operate the exhalation valve assembly by depressing the stem with a blunt, dull object. Be careful not to damage any rubber components on the facepiece.

6: Shake Facepiece

Shake the facepiece to remove all residual water.


7: Wipe & Dry Facepiece

Wipe and dry the facepiece inside and out using a soft, lint-free cloth.

8: Air Dry Facepiece

Allow the facepiece to completely air dry by resting it on the facepiece seal before putting it back into service.