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Key Fire Hose

Excellence in Manufacturing Since 1988

Ten-8-at-Key-Fire-HoseFor eight years, Ten-8 has been selling Key fire hoses in Florida and Georgia. Established in Miami in 1988, Key Hose is the epitome of the perfect vendor partnership. Privately owned, Key Fire Hose has outstanding, USA-made products and great pricing. They have a wide range of fire hoses to meet each customer’s needs and budget. In addition, they support us with our shows and customer appreciation events. If there is ever an issue with a hose, Key goes out of their way to help us deliver the best repair to the customer.

Over the years, we have developed a personal relationship with Key Fire Hose. We know and respect the owner, and have visited the factory in Alabama for a behind-the-scenes-look at how their hoses are produced. We attend an annual sales training seminar to stay on top of their offerings, and each time we are reminded of their attention to quality and their commitment to customer service.

Many Hose Options for Multiple Industries

Key Fire Hose has an exceptional lineup of municipal fire hoses to choose from. Their products include:

  • Key-Fire-HoseECO-10 – A lightweight, double jacket, rubber lined attack hose.
  • Big-10 – A heavy duty, double jacket, rubber lined attack hose.
  • Key-Lite – An all polyester, double jacket attack hose.
  • Magnum-Lite – A nylon, 6.6 double jacket attack hose.
  • Combat Ready – This is the best attack hose, guaranteed! It has high flow capabilities, unmatched kink resistance, and much more!
  • Dura-Flow – A rubber covered attack hose.
  • Pro-Flow LDH – A large diameter, rubber covered supply hose.
  • Hi-Pressure LDH – A large diameter, rubber covered attack hose.
  • Type 2 – A lightweight, single jacket forestry hose.
  • Reel-Lite – A lightweight, reel attack hose.


The “Key To Quality”

At Ten-8, we confidently stand behind Key’s products. If there is even the smallest issue with a hose, we will work to make it right. We are backed by the manufacturer’s “Key To Quality” warranty and service program, designed to ensure the highest confidence in their products.

If you are looking for a new fire hose, request a quote online. You can also contact us at 877-989-7660.