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Demers Ambulances

Demers Ambulances is one of the largest and most trusted ambulance manufacturers in the world. The company is focused on building safe, reliable, and efficient ambulances. When Demers Ambulances merged with Braun Industries, it was a natural extension to add the Demers’ ambulances to Ten-8’s product offerings.

With ten unique models to choose from and thousands of customization and design options, Ten-8 and Demers Ambulances can deliver the perfect ambulance to meet any department’s needs. In addition, Ten-8 will provide service throughout the life of the vehicle with its knowledgeable service team, convenient service locations, and mobile service team.

Demers Type I Ambulances

Designed for extreme conditions with countless module configurations, Demers’ Type I ambulance is a great choice for fire departments, municipal EMS agencies, and private ambulance companies. The ambulances provide ample equipment storage and innovative features to create an efficient workspace.

MXP 150

MXP 170

Mobile Stroke Unit

MXP 153

Demers Type II Ambulances

A Type II ambulance from Demers offers a lower cost of ownership compared to other brands. With an effective overall design, innovative standard features, and quality construction, a Demers Type II ambulance is the perfect choice for private ambulance services or high-volume agencies.


Ex Sprinter

Demers Type III Ambulances

Demers Type III ambulances are designed for efficient patient care, loaded with features, and affordably priced, they are an excellent ambulance choice for any department.