Ten8 Fire

PUC – The Pierce Ultimate Configuration

Protection From Every Angle

The Pierce PUC has revolutionized the way fire departments design their apparatus. The first modern tilt cab emergency response vehicle, the Pierce PUC eliminates the pumphouse. This allows you to custom design your fire truck around your needs, and not the pump. It offers the most complete single-source build, from the chassis and body, down to the pump. It is available on Pierce custom chassis pumpers, rescue pumpers, top mount pumpers, and the 75’ aluminum aerial ladder. In addition, PUC offers wheelbases as short as 172” (depending on body and chassis). With easier handling and turning, it drives more like an SUV than traditional fire apparatus.

  • PUC Pumper – Don’t limit your apparatus design by working around a bulky pumphouse. Build your apparatus to suit your exact needs.
  • PUC Aerial – These units feature up to 22% more storage space and up to 5” shorter wheelbases than traditional 75’ ladders. They are available on all ladder heights.
  • PUC Rescue –  Don’t sacrifice storage space for a bulky pumphouse. Get more room on a Pierce PUC Rescue!
  • PUC Pumper Tanker – Carry more water and more equipment in your compartment space.

PUC Specifications

Chassis ChoicesAll Pierce custom chassis
Tank CapacitiesUp to 1600 gallons / lifetime warranty
Electrical SystemColor coded every 3" / harnesses loom-protected
Body Warranty10-year structural
Stainless Steel Piping Warranty10-year
Pump Warranty6-year
Wheelbase172" - 202" (depending on body size and chassis)
Pump and RollStandard
Compartment Space150 - 500 cubic feet (depending on body size and chassis)
Compartment Load RatingUp to 800 pounds each
Body MaterialAluminum standard, 304L stainless steel optional
Body Support SubstructureLateral frame extensions
Pump PanelPierce Control Zone
PlumbingStainless steel 10-year warranty
Pump Range1250-1500 gpm

Two-Step Pump Technology

The biggest benefit of Pierce PUC is the reduction of operational steps. The simple, intuitive two-step pump operation process means less opportunity for things to go wrong on-scene and faster response time. The park-to-neutral feature places the transmission into neutral automatically when the parking break is set. A single-touch water-foam CAFS suppression selection mounting on the dash has the system up and ready-to-go before the operator exits the cab, eliminating the traditional grinding and uncertainty of putting a traditional mid-ship pump into gear.

Superior Safety Features

While every Pierce fire truck is built with safety in mind, the PUC takes it to whole new level. To eliminate straddling and stumbling over hoses, the pump panel is positioned adjacent to hose connections. There is also walk-up access to the pump panel. Crosslays and ladder storage are placed at chest height. Ladder access to the hosebed is angled for a safer climb. Stokes and backboard storage are conveniently located so that you can reach them from the ground, and hosebeds are 8” – 12” lower than traditional units. Additional safety features include VLH® caps, a Tire Protection System, Side Roll and Frontal Impact protection, Command Zone™ advanced electronics, and the TAK-4® independent front suspension.

Space – And Then Some

The PUC features all the storage you’re looking for, and more, to ensure you are ready for any call. The 26” deep compartments and up to 500 cubic feet of storage space will allow you to carry more gear and equipment than traditional fire apparatus. The clean, uncluttered storage space also features covered raceways, recessed shelf tracks, and bright strip lighting; this reduces shelving shadows and enhances night-time visibility to make your job easier. The roomy Pierce “jump off” compartment near the rear of the passenger side cab door for EMS can be completely customized with optional features such as 500lb sliding floor trays, tilt-out shelves, reel mountings, dividers, or swinging tool boards. This is an added bonus on a Pierce PUC unit, since traditional pump panels normally occupy this area.

Easy Maintenance with Full-Tilt Access

A Pierce PUC is the ultimate fire apparatus when it comes to easy maintenance on pump plumbing and valves. Unlike traditional units that require disassembly, PUC full-tilt access decreases the time it takes you to rebuild a valve from hours or days to mere minutes. Pierce’s full-tilt functionality gives you complete “above the frame” access to the pump’s wear ring, impeller, shaft, and mechanical seal. This means your unit will spend more time on the road, serving your community, and less time in the shop being repaired.

If you’re interested in learning more about Pierce Ultimate Configuration, contact us today. Our knowledgeable Pierce fire truck sales representatives are waiting to speak with you!