Ten8 Fire

Firefighting Boots 

When you enter a burning building or a chaotic scene with an unstable terrain, having the right boots for the job makes a huge difference. From durability to protection, firefighting boots have to be constructed for everyday wear and tear. Ten-8 Fire and Safety strives to equip you with some of the best firefighting boots in the industry. We supply boots from Globe by MSA and Thorogood. 

Globe Firefighting Boots

Globe has been in the business of providing firefighting gear for 130 years – and has teamed up with MSA to ensure that the safest boots are available everywhere. Globe firefighting boots feature GORE® CROSSTECH® footwear fabric, KEVLAR® Blend Protective Shield, VIBRAM®  toe-bumpers and outsoles, and an athletic composition to keep you light on your feet while maintaining a firm grip on various surfaces. Ten-8 offers competitive package deals to keep firefighters protected from head-to-toe.


SUPREME™ boots feature a cushioned and contoured sole, flexible athletic footwear construction, and an internal fit system, giving you the protection of a firefighting boot with the feel of a sneaker. The outsole gives a stronger grip to stay on duty in any conditions.


Now you can enjoy the benefits of Globe boots at a value price. ONYX® boots share the same cushioned and contoured outsole and athletic footwear construction so they are remarkably flexible, grip like crazy, and fit like no other.


SUPRALITE® is even lighter and more flexible by design, providing you with the protection, slip resistance, and support you rely on.


The SUPRAFLEX™ boot features continuous segmented flex panels, allowing for optimum flexibility. These lightweight boots feature slip-resistant tread that allows for added traction.


The SHADOW™ XF boot features flame- and water-resistant leather, with a flexible platform, cushioned shoe, and internal fit system that makes it feel like this boot was made just for you.


Globe PROXIMITY is the world’s first leather boot to meet the radiant heat requirements of Proximity Fire Fighting in addition to meeting all of the requirements of Structural Fire Fighting in the NFPA 1971 standard so it can be the one boot you wear for all your calls.

Thorogood Boots

Since 1975, Thorogood’s fire  boots have provided the safety, durability, and comfort demanded by firefighting professionals – looking for state-of-the-art technology that delivers safety and performance.

Station 1 – Men’s

These EMS/Wildland boots never clock out, even if your shift turns into a double. Our exclusive Vibram® ATS (All-Terrain Sole) provides exceptional traction on any surface. GORE® CROSSTECH®  triple-layer moisture barrier is the toughest in the industry. Safety features include a flexible Lenzi L-Protection® puncture-resistant insole, triple-rib ladder shank and composite safety toe. 

Knockdown Elite – Mens

The Knockdown Elite 14″ structural firefighting boot  go on with ease. Once your foot slides in, the ankle lock system holds you firmly in place until you use the handy heel kick plate to take them off. Our exclusive Vibram® Fire & Ice All-Terrain Sole provides exceptional traction on any surface; including pitched roofs and steep embankments. The StedAir® PTFE waterproof barrier also repels dangerous fluids. Composite Safety Toe, Lenzi L-Protection® insole, and steel triple-rib ladder shank protect your foot from impact and the strain of working on ladders. The dual-density removable insole molds to shape of your foot to keep you comfortable.