Ten8 Fire

Living the Mission

B. Keith Chapman, President & CEO, of Ten-8 Fire and Safety strives to sustain a company culture that upholds Ten-8’s core values and foundational principals. Living the Mission was initially created to support the personal and professional development of Ten-8’s dedicated employees. However, the articles soon spread beyond the company to customers, vendors, and friends.


To better share the articles, they are now available in the online library below. Keith continues to author an article each month with the goal of encouraging, motivating, and challenging readers to live the mission.

Keith B. Chapman
B. Keith Chapman, President & CEO of Ten-8 Fire and Safety

Prayer Requests

 At Ten-8, we consider it an honor and privilege to walk with you through your struggles in life and rejoice with you as you experience blessings. Our Executive Team meets bi-weekly, and we always begin our meeting with prayer. We would love to include your requests and praise reports during our prayer time. We understand that life’s challenges can be sensitive and confidential. If you are comfortable, please share your requests with us.