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When you enter the scene of an emergency, you need to rely on your equipment to help keep you and the patients safe. Depending on the extrication tools built by Rescue 42 for this important job is a smart choice. Celebrating 21 years of innovation, Rescue 42 is a leader in fire and rescue equipment industry. Maintaining a deep commitment to quality and customer service, Rescue 42 offers a variety of extrication tools for the job, including the highly successful Telecrib® Strut System.

Telecrib® Junior: The All-in-One Rescue 42 Struts Extrication Tool

Created with DuPont™ Kevlar® infused composite, the Telecrib® Junior assists first responders in stabilizing a vehicle within minutes of arrival. This compact and fast all-in-one strut is designed for basic stabilization, with an extended length of 69” extended weighing only 30 lbs. Being so lightweight and simple to operate, it is meant to be a quick and easy solution to handle any stabilization emergency at hand, supporting 5,000 lb. work load with a 2:1 safety factor.




Telecrib® Rescue 42 Struts Extrication Tools

A lightweight, compact, telescoping stabilization tool, the Telecrib® Strut system is designed for rescuer and patient safety during extrication. Manufactured using DuPont™ Kevlar® infused composite material, these Telecrib® struts are half the weight and 4x as strong as steel struts. On top of that, they are nearly impervious to environmental or chemical corrosion, do not conduct electricity or have exception impact resistance. And if you need lifting capabilities, their removable Strut Jack will fit on any Telecrib® strut, turning it into an 8,000 lb. ram. With a max working load of 18,000 lbs. and a greater than 2:1 safety factor, the Telecrib® Rescue 42 struts system is a must-have extrication tool for any emergency response team.


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