Your Medix Ambulance Dealer in Florida and Georgia

Medix Logo_flat image_BeveledChoosing your next new ambulance to buy is never easy, so having a lot of possibilities in makes and models is always a benefit. With that in mind, Ten-8 Fire recently started to carry the full Medix Ambulance line. As an official dealer of Medix Ambulances for Georgia and Florida, we can now offer our customers more variety in selecting their next new ambulance.

Ambulances Built Efficiently and Effectively

Since opening its doors in 2001, Medix Ambulances has strived to provide a cost-effective ambulance at a high quality level. By standardizing their product offerings, Medix Ambulances can keep their operational costs to a minimum which they then pass on to the customer in exceptional savings. Budget-friendly pricing is not the only benefit of purchasing a Medix Ambulance. Medix engineers are also dedicated to manufacturing ambulances that provide customers with a safe, dependable, and robust environment. Medix also has established an amazing lead time of 90-120 days for the building of your new ambulance. That means you can get your new ambulance out in the field in just 3-4 months!

A Premier Facility for an Exceptional Ambulance Line

Located in Elkhart, Indiana, Medix Specialty Vehicles, Inc. Medix-Ambulance-Facility-smmanufacturers all of their ambulances at this 75,000 square foot facility. Whether it’s a service job or a new ambulance order we’re prepared to provide our customers with the reasonable response timing. With a normal lead time of only 90-120 days, Medix uses their facility and workforce efficiently to complete new orders. This manufacturer continues to grow and improve and is expanding their facility. With certified welders, experienced cabinet fabricators, and highly-trained line assembly personnel Medix ensures their ambulances are built to spec and delivered on time.

If you are in need of a new ambulance that fits a tight budget and doesn’t need extensive customization done, Medix Ambulance is your go-to ambulance line. Their combination of quality vehicles for a great price is hard to beat if your organization is comfortable with a standardized setup. If you are interested in knowing more about your options on a Medix ambulance, contact us today.