Corporate verse

B. Keith Chapman, President & CEO


2018 Corporate Verse: I Thessalonians 5:15, “Make sure that nobody pays back wrong for wrong, but always strive to do what is good for each other and for everyone else.”


This year’s verse is nestled among a few other instructional verses addressing how we should interact with each other. The verse can be broken down into two main applications. First, don’t pay back a wrong for a wrong. I am sure we have heard the old saying, “two wrongs don’t make a right.” Applying this principle in life can be tough. While we can influence people, we ultimately cannot control peoples’ responses, decisions, and actions. As such, throughout 2018, each of us will likely be faced with a situation(s) in which we are treated unfairly or poorly. In that moment, we will be faced with a moral decision on how we are going to respond. Making the right decision in response to a wrongdoing, will likely require a fair amount of self-control and focus; however, decisions like these can separate us from the rest and build a reputation of integrity.


The second application is always do what is good. Good can be defined in many different ways including: morally excellent; virtuous; righteous; satisfactory in quality, quantity, or degree; high quality; excellent. All of these definitions provide very high standards for our actions. Notice the end of the verse reads, “… for each other and for everyone else.” This requires focus on more than just ourselves or the circle of friends/family closest to us. The application of this principle is simplistic….. do good always for everyone. 

Easier said than done? No doubt! Mr. Don Bouwer, Ten-8’s Founder, understood the importance of doing what is good regardless of the circumstances. As a result of the application of this foundational principle, Ten-8 has enjoyed many years of success and continues to be blessed with the opportunity to serve customers daily.


Most of us appreciate and desire some level of affirmation. Getting recognition for hard work or a notable accomplishment can be motivating. However, it is important to remember that our responsibility to do what is good or right should not be tied to whether or not we receive credit or recognition. Mother Teresa said, “The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow; Do good anyway.” This quote is a great example of what true integrity is all about. Decisions and actions that happen behind the scenes are true markers of our character and shape our reputation.


A good reputation is achieved through hard work, but good can turn to bad with almost no effort at all. In fact, studies have shown that people tend to remember and talk about bad experiences much more than the good ones. So, don’t forget that bad decisions and temporary outburst of emotion can have lasting effects on your personal and corporate reputation.


Challenge: Always do the right thing regardless of what others do or who is watching; focus on what is good for everyone; remember the importance of a good personal and corporate reputation.


Published: January 1, 2018

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