Service Technician Tips

Save on repair costs and keep your fire apparatus in good operating condition with these tech tips. Ten-8’s service team wants to share best practices for maintenance, troubleshooting, and repairs.


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Calibrating Electronic Valves

  • Calibrate the electronic Akron Brass valve after rebuilding it to ensure it opens and closes properly.
  • Make sure the tank is empty before calibrating the valve.

Replacing Switch I/O Modules

  • Pay special attention to the position of the switch on the back of the module. The new module’s switch must be placed in the same position for it to perform accurately.
  • Having the switch in the correct position can prevent other functions from performing incorrectly.

Greasing Cab Pivot Pins

  • Include greasing cab pivot pins in preventative maintenance routines
  • Keep pins greased to help prevent pins from backing or the fire truck cab from rattling